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You Think This Is A Game

Refresh character
Get a new assumption
Allsion and Tyler made Assumptions

Pass judgement, label everyone, defy stereotypes, reinforce them...or don't, it's just a game.

We (Allison and Tyler) made Assumptions, a game so stupid and succesful that we sold out. But what is it? Think Apples To Apples meets Guess Who?! It's Cards Against Humanity with...pictures?! It's that easy. It was Kickstarted and we're proud (and obligated!) to mention our project backers here (thank you!) 👇

Expansion #01:


The feedback we received from the initial release was great. But the constant suggestion sent our way was: make it dirtier. Ok. Done. While the amazing illustrator Lauren Baker drew the first 100 character cards, we reached out to Louie Chin for the XXXpansion pack illustrations.

the XXXpansion deck
expansion pack characters

So, now what?

We're toying with a new edition of the game, or a new game completely. If you want to stay informed, we'll try to let you know what happens. Someone on Board Game Geek might be willing to part with it.

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